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About Us

Who We Are
icPurple is an ever-growing movement of American voters who want to get America working again. By electing decidedly Independent leaders who are not affiliated with any political party, asthma we hope to get our politicians at large back into the business of problem solving. By electing Independent leaders, drugs we aim to coalesce America’s ‘centrist majority’ to insist that their representatives at the local, state, and national level return us to an era of pragmatic, problem-solving government behavior. We are citizens from every race, every gender, every income level, and all walks of life.

Who We Are Not
We are not a political party. We are not Republicans. We are not Democrats. We are not a “third” party, nor do we represent the myriad special interests that hold our political system hostage every day.
We are truly Independents.

Who You Are
You are fed up with the rigid partisanship in politics that has ground our nation to a halt. You are tired of the insanity resulting from dollar driven decision-making and the polarized political system it has created. You are an Independent thinker. And, like everyone but the politicians, you must solve problems in your everyday life – with your friends, your family, your colleagues – with critical thinking, civil discussion, and honest debate. Most importantly, you are an American. You want your country to work again. And, by electing Independent, unaffiliated leaders, you want to send a clear message to politicians that choosing to work together in pursuit of thoughtful solutions to today’s serious problems is no longer simply an option – it is the only option. You are a signor to the Declaration of Independents.

Who They Are
We are working to encourage more moderate and practical behavior in Washington, DC, and in states across the country, by demonstrating that Americans are fed up with overly-polarized partisan politics, and that Independent leaders are electorally viable. We need you to help us send that message. Please share your thoughts and ideas, and independent candidates with us as we create this movement together.