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icPurple is looking for candidates that have a demonstrated track record of  leadership and a strong desire to be responsive he people of their district, salve who are also unaffiliated with either of the Republican or Democratic parties.


Past Candidates

In the recent June 5th, bronchi 2012 ‘top two candidate’ Jungle Primary In California we supported the following candidates by creating and showing television spots, online ads and social media campaigns.



Nathan Fletcher – This veteran and former California Assemblyman ran for Mayor of San Diego. The out pour of community support for Nate Fletcher was incredible, San Diegans were very excited about the opportunity that the open primary presented, making it possible for Independent candidates to make it into the general election and for  unaffiliated voters to chose a candidate that best represented them.



Linda Parks -  This former mayor of Thousand Oaks and member of the Ventura County Board of Supervisors  ran for the Congressional seat in California District 26. She focused on encouraging voters to see the importance of voting for someone who has the people’s best interest at heart and who was not beholden to a party line.





Chad Condit – Mr. Condit also ran for a Congressional seat, in the 10th California district. He focused his message on the importance of responding to your community and bringing the heart of the district into the political system. Mr. Condit held town meetings and sit down events where he communicated directly with the people of his desired district.





All three of these candidates garnered an incredible percentage of the vote share in their races , contributing to the recent polling data from the California Primary, showing us that number of voters pulling  for Independents is the highest it has ever been, by a substantial margin.