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Linda Parks

Linda Parks

Office Sought: US House of Representatives, California (CA-26)
Current Occupation: Ventura County Supervisors (I-D2)
Date of Birth: February 21, 1957
Party: “None” (aka Independent)

Apparently thinking it a negative, the major political parties have alternative charged Linda Parks with being both too liberal and too conservative for their respective tastes – the sign of a true independent leader. Prior to declaring as an Independent, Linda was known as a ‘moderate Republican.’ Now, she stands a the precipice of being one of the only Independent Members of Congress, a highly unique position from which she will be able to leverage her robust legislative expertise on behalf of the citizens of Ventura. Prior to entering public life, Linda worked as an urban planner for each public, private, and non-profit entities. Before her election as a Ventura County Supervisor, Linda served as a Planning Commissioner, City Council Member, and Mayor of the City of Thousand Oaks, CA. Linda holds a Master’s degree in Urban Planning, and is married with four children.

“Congress is broken and we need to end the partisan extremism to effectively govern, fix the economy and create jobs.”

Record of Independence:

  • Linda is a noted champion for quality of life, parks, and usable open spaces in her community.
  • A smart-development advocate, she has been lauded by Civic and Environmental organizations alike for her hard work and problem-solving ethic.
  • Linda is a leader in moving Ventura toward a smart alternative transportation future.
  • She has a habit of setting records by being reelected by her satisfied constituents in the highest proportions in history in the various public offices she has held.
  • She was instrumental in instituting fair election and campaign finance practices in Ventura County.


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