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Nathan Fletcher

Nathan Fletcher

Office Sought: Mayor of San Diego, CA
Current Occupation: California State Assembly (I-San Diego)
Date of Birth: December 31, 1976
Party: “None” (aka Independent)

Nathan Fletcher currently serves San Diego as the only Independent member of the state legislature. Prior to his election in 2009, Nathan served for a decade in the US Marine Corps, spending eight months in Iraq in 2004 as a counterintelligence specialist. In the Assembly, Nathan is renowned for his bi-partisan efforts to author and shepherd the passage of “Chelsea’s Law,” and was named by his colleagues on both sides of the aisle as the chairman of the Assembly’s Select Committee on Job Creation for the New Economy. Prior to declaring as an Independent, Nathan was known by most as a ‘moderate Republican.’ He is married with two young children.

“I fought in a war. I put it all on the line for my country. I didn’t go through all that to come back home, run for office and play games. I did it to solve problems, to make people’s lives better, to build coalitions, to deliver results. And that’s why today I’m leaving partisan politics … [why] I’m embracing independence to focus solely on solutions.”

Record of Independence:

  • Renowned for working with Democratic Governor Jerry Brown on key tax issues across party lines.
  • Voted to put California on the path to a renewable energy future by requiring one-third of the state’s power sources be from renewable resources.
  • As a former marine, supported a resolution to allow gays to serve openly in the military.
  • Worked on tax legislation to help create 144,000 new California jobs including many in the biotech and high tech industries of San Diego.


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