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Chad Condit

Chad Condit

Office Sought: US House of Representatives (CA-10)
Current Occupation: Senior Legislative Aide, CA State Senate
Date of Birth: July 18, 1967
Party: “None” (aka Independent)

A fierce Independent, Chad Condit has seen firsthand how the current circus of Washington and Sacramento politics are detrimental to his home town of Modesto, CA.  He grew up in the 10th District, and on behalf of Modesto, he will bring to Congress a keen understanding of the legislative process, having worked for many years in the halls of the State Capitol as a legislative and strategic aide.  Prior to entering this race as an Independent, Chad would have been known by most as a ‘moderate Democrat.’  Chad previously served in the U.S. Navy, has worked for the State of California in various capacities, and is married with three sons.

“Neither the RNC or the DNC cares about this district. They don’t care about us. We have more leverage in D.C. as independents, not as sheep following the herd.” 

“The number one issue is you have got to vote your district. Be about your district.”

Record of Independence:

  • Chad is supported by local law enforcement and local Democratic clubs alike.
  • Chad has been praised by the local papers as being consistently on message for an Independent, district-centered, and non-partisan agenda in his race.
  • Chad believes in intelligently protecting Social Security, and at the same time finding ways to expedite the FDA drug approval process to get sick people the drugs they need sooner.


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