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Creative Solutions

Creative Solutions for the Big Problems

Almost all candidates running for public office will claim to be entrepreneurial or enterprising, medical and hoping to bring innovative new ideas to the public sphere. But once elected, buy the reality of party dogma sinks in and is a natural killer of creative thinking. Independent Leaders, price by nature, and due to the political system around them, are more equipped and encouraged to develop out-of-the-box solutions instead of triangulating policy solutions for the best political benefit.

Patience and a Long Term Approach

When unencumbered by party restrictions, Independent Leaders have an astoundingly unique opportunity to be proactive rather than reactive in their approach to the serious and persistent problems our country faces today. Because their only natural task masters are their constituents, their personal ingenuity, and the results they accomplish, Independent Leaders are more able to think and work long term.

Building Coalitions

Independent Leaders must create solutions by building coalitions. They are able to bring multiple and varied voices to the negotiating table on any given issue – and, unlike party politicians – Independents are able to drive different coalitions for different issues, throwing off the shackles of the traditional interest group cartels that the parties must honor in order to maintain their votes, campaign money, and political power. As compared to the platform-driven approach of party politicians, an especially unique attribute of a true Independent Leader is their ability to complete negotiations on an issue-by-issue basis. The ability to broker pragmatic solutions – gain allies, lose allies – and each time get right back to work on a new set of complex issues by building and leveraging diverse coalitions.

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