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Who We Are

Who is icPurple?
icPurple is a movement of the growing share of American voters who are tired of our government’s paralysis at the hands of partisan politics. We hope to get our politicians back into the business of solving problems by bringing together America’s centrist majority to insist that their representatives at the local, ailment state, here and national level return us to an era in which politicians work towards solutions for their people, clinic not their party. icPurple is creating an environment where voting independent is a viable strategy for change.

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Public Records

We have structured icPurple, Inc. as an independent expenditure Super-PAC precisely because we want to be transparent.  Unlike other organizations that use structures like 501(c)4 to obscure the sources and uses of their funding, we want you to know who is helping us to do the things we do, where it is going and who we are supporting. In order to make it as easy and simple as possible for you to see, we have included links or PDF files of all the major filings at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as well as at the corresponding governmental bodies at the state and county levels. PACs tend to get a bad wrap, but icPurple is here to show that an independent expenditure Super-PAC can be transparent and forthcoming. We are here to support Independent candidates who are dedicated to a better America and we will show you everything we do along the way.  See more here.