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Leaders, Not Followers

First and foremost, denture  we need leaders – not followers

We need candidates and elected officials that are not afraid to take risks and to stake their reputations on problem solving and long term solutions.  Candidates allied to a party become immobilized by inter-party politics and the result is partisan gridlock.  Independent Leaders can be free to work with both sides to develop lasting solutions.

Working within the current paradigm

When they posses a combination of the qualities above, seek Independent leaders hold truly new value to their constituents. Their ability to build coalitions, broker compromise, and develop innovating and entrepreneurial ideas helps our nation as a whole.  We must value and understand the relatively stable political system in the US today.  The simple reality is that neither major political party will be replaced and a third party is not viable, but with partisan gridlock halting progress at all levels of government, Independent leaders must forge ahead not to replace, but to work productively with both parties.

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