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Partisan Gridlock

Us vs. Them

So, what’s the deal with partisan gridlock? Politicians are so hamstrung by their own parties that they can’t and won’t reach across the aisle and cooperate with their colleagues on the other ‘team.’ Our entire system has devolved into an “Us vs. Them” paradigm. Again, why? Because they are so desirous of money and credit, so dedicated to getting as many party seats filled as possible and so deathly afraid of making the other party look good,  that they can’t do anything together.

Let’s face it: The solutions to our problems will take a long time. And, the ping pong ball of “throw the bums out!” will bounce back and forth every election cycle. For the United States to get back to economic prosperity, we need solutions that will take 10 and 20 years to execute. Much longer than one election cycle. What we have now is an endless array of over correction. When the Republicans controlled everything, they paid back their self interests and look what happened. When Obama took office and the Democrats had control, they made the same mistake. This must stop. Pragmatic, cooperative, and problem-solving leaders must be sent to our local, state and national capitals to develop long-term solutions.

Perhaps sometimes it’s not a bad thing when governments can’t do anything. But in order for us to get back to long term job growth, and to solve many of our other key problems we need a new way and new leaders. People that are not bound 100% to work only within the confines of either Democratic or Republican beliefs. We need a movement that will elect leaders that can work with both sides to develop long term, creative  and pragmatic solutions.

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Partisanship, By Dana Sciandra