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Independent SuperPAC Ramps up Investment in Final Days of California Primary

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Polling demonstrates that Independent voters will decide San Diego Mayoral Race

San Diego, sale cialis Calif. (May 31, therapy 2012) – Today, independent superPAC icPuple announced that it has facilitated the contribution of over $150,000 to continue running positive TV and online advertising campaigns in support of independent candidates across California and nation-wide. This is in stark contrast to the recent announcements in San Diego and elsewhere of enormous special interest and party-affiliated funding for almost solely negative media against independent leaders. The group also announced independent polling data that demonstrates that San Diego’s Decline to State (Independent) voters will decide the mayoral primary.

A Positive, Independent Message

“This is just the beginning,” says the group’s founder, Ted Waitt, independent, philanthropist and co-founder of Gateway, Inc. “We need solutions-oriented leaders who put pragmatism before party. This movement is dedicated to a consistent positive message and a restoration of civil discourse in our public dialogue. If Independent voters rise to the occasion, we can send a clear message together.”

In an email to supporters, the group announced: “Our data shows that the positive message of the ‘purple’ icPurple TV ad resonates with voters of each party, and that Decline to State (Independent) voters are particularly impacted when they learn that candidates such as Nathan Fletcher stand for independence and a focus on solutions. This election will help to demonstrate that a vote for independent candidates is now a real step toward public policy solutions in this country. It is imperative that independent voters get out to the polls on Tuesday as these primary elections will be won by only hundreds of votes.”

Polling Data Shows Independents will decide San Diego Primary

icPurple also released independent polling data demonstrating that Decline to State (Independent) voters will be the decisive voice in the San Diego mayoral primary, and that when they vote, these voters primarily support mayoral candidate Nathan Fletcher.

As of May 31, 2012, a privately commissioned scientific survey of 400 likely primary voters show:

  • A statistical dead heat between candidates Nathan Fletcher, (18%) Bob Filner (21%), and Carl Demaio (22%), with approximately 25% of likely voters undecided.
  • After being shown TV ads that demonstrate Fletcher’s independence, likely voters put Fletcher in first at 22%, with Demaio and Filner each taking 21%, and 24% remaining undecided.
  • Independents are the most undecided, and Independents who are decided are most prone to backing Fletcher.
  • When Decline to State Voters learn that Nathan Fletcher is an Independent, he is their likely candidate.


Independent Candidates &

In addition to Fletcher, icPurple has now launched online media campaigns in support of former independent Governor Angus King currently running for Senate in Maine and intellectual property attorney Chad Walsh, independent running for California State Assembly in Silicon Valley. The group has also maintained television and online advertising campaigns for California’s independent Congressional candidates Chad Condit of Modesto and Linda Parks of Ventura.

icPurple is based on the core principle that by supporting moderate, independent candidates, this movement will encourage more pragmatic and solutions-oriented political behavior in Washington, D.C. and in states across the country. icPurple does not represent a political party or special interests, nor does it purport to have third party ambitions. The group’s core values are outlined in the newly authored ‘Declaration of Independents,’ stating, “I am not a Democrat. I am not a Republican. I am an American.”