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Independent SuperPAC Announces November Endorsements

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California’s Primary Election demonstrates the viability of Independent candidacies

SAN DIEGO, CA (June 11, 2012) - In the aftermath of California’s June 5th primary election, SuperPAC congratulates the courageous Independent leaders across the state and now turns its attention to fostering the burgeoning Independent movement into the November 2012 general election.  Going forward, the group has emphasized the incremental nature of the Independent movement inside the ‘coin-operated’ two party system, which has been entrenched for decades.  The only Independent SuperPAC today, enters a period of intensive analysis and research, plans next steps in California and looks ahead to Maine’s senatorial election in November.

“In voting for Independent leaders, the ‘centrist majority’ is sending a clear message that politicians at the local, state, and national level need to pull out of partisan gridlock and get back into the business of solutions,” said Ted Waitt, founder, philanthropist and co-founder of Gateway, Inc. in a June 11th Op-Ed.  “The movement to the middle has just begun. A vote for an Independent leader in November is no longer just a signal. It is now a viable opportunity for real political change in our country, and a return to civil discourse,” Waitt concludes.

Using a cutting-edge combination of paid and free online and social media advertising, television ads, and a purely positive message, icPurple and Decline to State (Independent) voters clearly played a critical role in each of these hotly contested California primary races.

Each race from California’s Tuesday, June 5th primary election tells this story in a different way:

  • In the case of Chad Walsh for California Assembly, Walsh will advance to the November general election by pulling a truly remarkable showing of 45% of votes against his entrenched party opponent: a long-time politician with enormous name ID.
  • In San Diego, with little more than two months to compete as an Independent, Nathan Fletcher rocketed from the relative unknown to achieving 24% of the vote in the three-way race and assembled a vast coalition of pragmatic, solutions-oriented voters and community leaders.  Given the enormity of investment by the parties dedicated to negative messages tearing Fletcher down, his near-win is all the more amazing.
  • Both Chad Condit and Linda Parks demonstrated respectable showings in their House races with Parks taking 18% of the vote among six candidates despite viscous and relentless party attacks, and Condit achieving 15% of the vote among five candidates in one of the most politically targeted races in the country.

“Independent candidates have no political infrastructure.  The high vote counts Independent candidates garnered on June 5th despite the absence of such an infrastructure points to the viability of’s strategy.  The vast majority of Americans are fed up with partisan gridlock.  November’s general election will mark the front end of our transition to a time when a vote for an Independent candidate is not just about sending a message – it is about real political change.  That change will be evidence both in election results and, more importantly, by the behavior of politicians after they are elected,” said Steve Peace, former California Assemblyman and founder of the non-profit news site Independent Voter Network (

To catalyze this Independent movement, and in just over one month’s time, raised and invested over $500,000 to positively communicate the strength of Independent leaders in four California races at the Federal, State, and Local levels, and for former Governor Angus King for Senate in Maine.  The group intends to stay positive and transparent in all messaging, and now enters a period of careful investigation and recalibration in advance of the November 2012 general election.

Through its website today, announced the first set of viable Independent candidates the group intends to support in the November general election: former Governor Angus King for Senate in Maine and intellectual property attorney Chad Walsh for California Assembly in Silicon Valley, CA.

“The future is bright for the Independent movement.  But the work has just begun, and we have a long road ahead,” Waitt’s editorial concludes.