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Have a Conversation

Have a Conversation


If you are as passionate as we are about forwarding the Independent movement and getting leaders elected that will work for pragmatic solutions without the influence of party line pressures, vcialis 40mg get involved with icPurple! The easiest, yet most powerful thing you can do is start a conversation. Get others involved by asking family, friends, colleagues and public representatives the right questions. You can do it and we want to help. Spreading the word is necessary for us to reach critical mass.


Here are the 5 basic ways you can get involved and help the Independent movement reach its full potential:

  •  Start a Conversation: Talk to your friends, family, neighbors, colleagues and representatives about the current 2 party system. You can recommend solutions and ideas or ask questions like:

“Have you heard about that Independent candidate______ running for ________, what do you think?

“Maybe there is another way to solve our country’s greatest problems? Don’t we really want representatives that respond to the people and are not beholden to their party?


  • Pledge your support: Sign the Declaration of Independents on our page and forward it to your friends, family and any others you think would benefit. Look out for our follow-up emails that let you how you can continue to engage. You can also take the test on our homepage to get thinking about what your positions are and how you compare to the other 40% of Americans that consider themselves moderate, centrist, and/or independently minded.



  •   Follow us: By looking us up on Twitter @iseepurple and #iseepurple and liking us on Facebook at icPurple. These are great ways to stay connected with our daily news,videos and updates about independent candidates and our continuing movement.




  •  Get Involved: Support local, state and national Independent candidates by volunteering for or donating to a campaign. You can also donate directly to on our website by clicking on the “donate now” button on our homepage or by clicking here.




  • Run for office: If you or someone you know is thinking about running for public office as an independent, let us know! We are always looking to support new promising independent leaders.







Photo Credits : Tim Morgan