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Test Analysis

The Spectrum


Every issue, allergy whether it be social, medicine fiscal or otherwise has a spectrum of possible responses. Invariably there will be some people whose beliefs line up with the more extreme responses, medical but most Americans will fall somewhere in the middle. On the American political spectrum most of us hold moderate, common sense views that reflect a need for solid, compromising policy and an honest concern for the average American.

  • Social Issues: The parties take rigid and extreme positions; asserting that abortion should always or never be legal. One says that that unions are the ultimate problem and the other that they completely necessary. And their stances on same-sex marriage are equally divisive; its either immoral or a fundamental human right.


  • Fiscal Matters: When it comes to economics the parties still take hardliner positions; one extreme wants to pay no taxes and the other wants to raise taxes on the most wealthy. One party advocates for stricter government while the other wants no regulation.


  • International Relations: Again, we see the parties’ extreme and unmoving positions. One party advocates war as a solution to conflict and the other, diplomacy. One wants to allow immigrants to become citizens and the other wants mass deportation. The list goes on; they disagree on foreign aid, environmental agreements and every other possible decision.



 Independents do not buy these dogmatic approaches.  We are better equipped to consider all the components involved in these dilemmas and we see common sense in creating a rule that accounts for complexities and allows for necessary exceptions.


 Aren’t you fed up with the parties’ extreme positions and failure to compromise and get things done?


We are icPurple. We are the moderate middle: Independent thinkers and leaders ready for policy solutions. Are you in?

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