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Getting on Ballots

The Role of Election Laws

Compounding the travails of the Two Party Problem, ask Independent Leaders need your help in overcoming two immediate barriers when they run for office. You can help by firstly, engaging with icPurple and other electoral reform efforts across the country, to provide a screen of legitimacy to these Independent Leaders. It is important to understand that neither you nor they are ‘wasting a vote’ in the support of this movement to the middle.

Secondly, we must help to enact election reform that creates a more universally fair open primary process in local, state and federal elections.  An example of this is the altered political landscape in California this year; where due to a 2010 ballot initiative, the top two candidates with the most votes from the open primary, will face each other in the November general election.  To win a spot in these new primaries, candidates will have to appeal to a wider spectrum of voters. And every citizen- no matter their party registration or lack of party registration- will be able to vote for the candidate that they believe can best represent them.  Independence from party doctrine will aid more candidates than ever before.

Coalescing the Middle

Recent and widely reported national polling demonstrates the reality that over 40% of Americans consider themselves moderate, centrist, and/or independently minded. Why is this ‘pragmatic silent majority’ so underrepresented in the political process? Americans are clearly fed up with partisan gridlock and are gradually disengaging from the civic process. Independent Leaders must inspire a new way to once again connect our government to its people, and demonstrate that government – be it small or large – is capable of solving problems rather than simply compounding them.

We need your help.

They need your help.

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By TheCreativePenn