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US Senate
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Angus King

Angus King

Office Sought: US Senate, Maine
Current Occupation: Former Governor, State of Maine
Date of Birth: March 31, 1944
Party: Independent

Angus King’s campaign for U.S. Senate is focused on uniting Mainers to overcome partisan gridlock. He has an unassailable record as one of the nation’s leading independent voices – having served two four-year terms as Maine’s second Independent governor. While governor, King was renowned for his ability to effectively govern without the allegiance of either political party in the state. Following his service as governor, King has been working in the private sector with a focus on renewable energy solutions for Maine and the broader Northeast. Also successful businessman, King is a graduate of Dartmouth, and holds a law degree from the University of Virginia School of Law. He is married with four sons and a daughter.

“What these folks [DC insiders] really respect more than anything else is electoral power. I think my election would send the message not only to the people in the Senate but also to the people in the country that there is a different way.”

Record of Independence:

  • As governor, King worked to reduce pollution while at the same time creating jobs for his state.
  • Not afraid of controversy, King has pledged to weigh his caucusing options in the Senate carefully – pledging to make the decision only in the best interest of Maine, the state he will represent
  • Popular for his independent thinking, Angus was reelected to his second term as Maine’s independent governor by one of the largest margins of victory.
  • Angus has appointed an equal number of Democrats, Republicans, and Independents to represent his campaign state-wide in Maine.


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