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Who We Are

Who We Are

Who is icPurple?
icPurple is a political action committee representing and bolstering a movement of the growing share of American voters who are tired of our government’s paralysis at the hands of partisan politics. We hope to get our politicians back into the business of solving problems, through bringing together America’s centrist majority. We insist that the people’s representatives at the local, state, and national level return us to an era in which politicians work towards solutions for their districts, not their party. icPurple is creating an environment where voting independent is a viable strategy for change.

Who We Are Not
We are not a political party. We are not Republicans. We are not Democrats. We are not a “third” party, or an extremest group, nor do we represent the myriad special interests that hold our political system hostage every day.
We are truly Independents.

Who You Are
You are fed up with the partisan bickering that has pulled our nation to a halt. You are tired of the insanity resulting from dollar driven decision-making and the polarized political system it has created. You are an Independent thinker. And, like everyone but the politicians, you must solve problems in your everyday life – with your friends, your family, your colleagues – with critical thinking, civil discussion, and honest debate. Most importantly, you are an American. You want your country to work again. And, by electing Independent, unaffiliated leaders, you want to send a clear message to politicians that choosing to work together in pursuit of thoughtful solutions to today’s serious problems is no longer simply an option – it is the only option. You are a signer of the Declaration of Independents.

Who They Are
We are working to encourage more moderate and practical behavior in Washington, DC, and in states across the country, by demonstrating that American’s are fed up with overly-polarized partisan politics, and that Independent leaders are electorally viable. We need you to help us send that message. Please share your thoughts and ideas, and independent candidates with us as we create this movement together.

Where is icPurple based?
icPurple is a San Diego-based organization working to identify and build support for viable independent candidates in all 50 states who are running for federal, state, and local offices of significance.

What is icPurple’s primary focus currently? 
The June 5th primary in California marked  the first statewide use of a ‘top two open primary’ system. This new system is designs to produce two candidates for the November general election based only on their vote totals, meaning that party candidates do not have a guaranteed spot in this general election. And, it allowed the people to get a number of Independent candidates into the general election.  Our main focus was working to help Independent Leaders make it through the primary and now we are focused on helping additional independent candidates succeed in November, where the electorate’s centrist majority will be an even bigger asset to voters.

What’s behind the new phenomenon of independent support?
Growing polarization  in Congress and other governmental institutions has, for many years, forced regular American citizens with their own agendas, to sort into a party, when in reality they didn’t belong there.  In response, a movement has begun. Growing numbers of Americans have grown tired of not being completely heard and they have joined together to elect better representatives.  In order for us to get back to long-term job growth and to solve many of our other our key problems, we need a new way, and new leaders. New leaders with both the will and the capacity to develop long-term solutions to these problems – people who are not 100% bound by either Democratic or Republican beliefs.  We aim to spur this movement by helping to create an environment where voting independent is a healthy and viable strategy for change, because it is. Voting Independent is taking a stance and standing up for exactly what you believe this country should be.

Does icPurple have hopes of becoming something larger?
icPurple is based in California, but is working to identify and build support for viable independent candidates in all 50 states who are running for federal, state, and local offices of significance. The movement’s goal is to engage on the ground with Americans from every race and creed, building a coalition of the ‘centrist majority’ – those 40% of Americans who identify as moderate or independent. And to send a clear message to Washington and our state capitols that enough is enough, and solutions must be prioritized over party loyalty.

What level of funding has been committed to for icPurple?
icPurple was founded by Ted Waitt, philanthropist and co-founder of Gateway, Inc., and has received a generous $300,000 donation from him. The group is soliciting contributions from other independent Americans – business leaders, educators, philanthropists, working folks – and ultimately anyone with a strong interest in contributing to making a difference. The group is striving to build a movement of pragmatic and centrist solutions to today’s complex policy problems.

Does icPurple have any corporate funding?
The group does not intend to limit the class of funds it receives. All funds will go toward electing strong, pragmatic, solution-oriented Independent Leaders who are not immobilized by party or interest group affiliation. Our only ‘interest’ is growing the independent movement and getting effective representatives elected.

Will icPurple disclose its funding sources and uses?
We have structured icPurple, Inc. as an independent expenditure Super-PAC precisely because we want to be transparent.  Unlike other organizations that use structures like 501(c)4 to obscure the sources and uses of their funding, we want you to know who is helping us to do the things we do, where it is going and who we are supporting. In order to make it as easy and simple as possible for you to see, we have included links or PDF files of all the major filings at the Federal Election Commission (FEC) as well as at the corresponding governmental bodies at the state and county levels. PACs tend to get a bad wrap, but icPurple is here to show that an independent expenditure Super-PAC can be transparent and forthcoming. We are here to support Independent candidates who are dedicated to a better America and we will show you everything we do along the way.  See more here.